Friday League


  Week 1   06-May-22  
8 Eldon Grove 'A' v Seaton 2
2 Headland v H/Pool Old Boys 8
8 South Durham v Burn Valley 'A' 2
  Week 2   20-May-22  
  H/Pool Old Boys v Eldon Grove 'A'  
  Burn Valley 'A' v Seaton  
  South Durham v Headland  
  Week 3   27-May-22  
  Eldon Grove 'A' v Burn Valley 'A'  
  H/Pool Old Boys v South Durham  
  Seaton v Headland  
  Green fertilization Wed 8th June
  H/Pool Old Boys  (Champions) v Rest Of League  
  to be played at Blackhall    
  Week 4   17-Jun-22  
  South Durham v Eldon Grove 'A'  
  Headland v Burn Valley 'A'  
  Seaton v H/Pool Old Boys  
  North East Ladies  v  Hartlepool Vets to be   
  played at South Durham Bowls Club  
  Week 5   01-Jul-22  
  Eldon Grove 'A' v Headland  
  South Durham v Seaton  
  Burn Valley 'A' v H/Pool Old Boys  
  Week 6   08-Jul-22  
  Seaton v Eldon Grove 'A'  
  H/Pool Old Boys v Headland  
  Burn Valley 'A' v South Durham  
  Week 7   15-Jul-22  
  Eldon Grove 'A' v H/Pool Old Boys  
  Seaton v Burn Valley 'A'  
  Headland v South Durham  
  Week 8   22-Jul-22  
  Burn Valley 'A' v Eldon Grove 'A'  
  South Durham v H/Pool Old Boys  
  Headland v Seaton  
  Green Fertilization  Wed 27th July  
  Week 9   05-Aug-22  
  Eldon Grove 'A' v South Durham  
  Burn Valley 'A' v Headland  
  H/Pool Old Boys v Seaton  
  Week 10   12-Aug-22  
  Headland v Eldon Grove 'A'  
  Seaton v South Durham  
  H/Pool Old Boys v Burn Valley 'A'  
  Headland  v  Rest of League to be played  
  Friar Tce.      
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