Hi All,

          All club secretaries were contacted and asked for their thoughts regarding the present situation and what they wanted for the remainder of the season.

           Approximately 65% responded stating that their members did not want to bowl this season, and two clubs asked if it would be possible to open the greens for social bowling (roll-ups).

           The H&DBA Executive committee held a meeting on the internet to discuss the pros and cons of opening the council greens in July, if it was safe to do so. The decision from the meeting was that the council have not asked for a lease payment, and if we ask for the greens to be made available, the council would require a part payment of the lease fee.The insurance has not been renewed and this would have to be for a minimum of three months to play for approximately four weeks.The greens would have to be opened by whoever and policed, sanitizers made available and toilets cleaned after every use. The clubhouses would only have limited access and would need to be cleaned after each use.

             It was therefore decided that we would notify the council that our decision is not to use the council greens this year and they remain closed for the use of bowling.

             On a brighter note we have applied for a grant, If this becomes fruitful we intend to negotiate with the council/ outside contractor into doing major maintenance work asap on two or three greens to hopefully make a big improvement which will benefit all bowlers.

             As and when further information becomes available we will keep you informed.



        Mick Gilhespy


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